Five reasons we love using merino for our babies

Not only are merino products beautiful, they’re also extremely practical and have many benefits for you and your baby. Merino has been used to help babies sleep for centuries. Here are five of our favourite reasons why.


1. Merino is a natural regulator of temperature and moisture

Young babies don't regulate their body heat very well. This means they can become too hot and clammy or too cold very quickly.

Merino wool helps your wee baby naturally regulate temperature and moisture.

Synthetic fabrics can be dangerous in the summer months when babies are prone to overheating. Merino will keep your baby snug but allow breathing.

2. Merino is super soft and comfortable

There is a myth that wool is harsh and scratchy.

Merino wool is super fine and soft which makes it comfortable against your babies skin.

3. Merino loves the environment

Merino wool is a natural product which is sustainable and biodegradable.

Your babies can sleep soundly knowing their bedding isn’t harming the environment that they’re growing up in.

4. Merino is easy to care for

Wool has natural properties which makes it odour and dirt resistant. Your baby will smell great and you won’t have to do as much washing.

Our Bunnies & Bees products are machine washable and dry quickly over the line or drying rack.


5. Merino is our fire safety champion

Wool is naturally fire resistant.

When your little ones start to move around the house, dragging their blanky in tow, you can be a little more comfortable that they’re not going to start an inferno as they walk by the heater or fire!


Why not test these benefits for yourself. Check out our full collection of merino products.

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