How Swaddling Can Help New Parents Get More Sleep

How Swaddling Can Help New Parents Get More Sleep 


The first few weeks (months and years...) with a newborn are tiring. Sleep can be scarce and it can feel like you’re never fully rested. Studies have shown that swaddling newborn babies can assist them to sleep longer and as a result, help new parents get more sleep! In this blog we explain what swaddling is and how it can help.   


What is swaddling?

It is a method of wrapping a baby up in a breathable swaddle to help them feel calm and assist them to sleep. The idea is that swaddling replicates how your little one felt in the womb and makes them feel cosy and safe.


How can swaddling help?

Newborns have a startle reflex which causes random arm and leg movements until the baby is around three months old. This startle reflex (also known as the ‘Moro’ (yum!) reflex) occurs frequently in newborn babies and can lead to them waking multiple times throughout the night. Swaddling restricts a babies arm and leg movements and can help to prevent babies from startling themselves awake.


In addition, as Winter approaches, it becomes more important to consider ways of keeping our babies warm at night. A merino wrap over their gown will help keep them snug while still allowing their wee bodies to breath.


How do I do it?

The art of wrapping can be a tricky one to master. You’ll often receive a lesson on wrapping in your antenatal classes or before you leave the hospital. If you miss these opportunities, there are multiple great tutorials on YouTube.


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